Fall begins each year the weather gets cooler here in North America .The leaves turn color grasses also turn color. The First frost adds a special beauty of subtle frozen landscape. The light is lower in the sky Dusk and Dawn present each as a new day .

As I was taking the above photograph I could hear something huffing behind me I turned around their she was less than 10 feet away,I thank her for making her presence known and allowing me to take this exceptional shot.Fall colors

by Natures Design
2013 Spring Summer
WINTER! blahs maybe but?? How much white can you photograph in black and white in WINTER!
Then does anyone remember film such as negatives slides 16mm 8mm 35 mm etc.
But just a boring shot out my front door behold LIGHT
Color digital photography . With advent of digital DSLR technology the world has become more accessible ,more in depth. The photo above was taken in Times square New York city. A combination of lighting ,reflections and imagery including the ever rotating signal a critical moment was decided after watching the sign to shoot it with best selection of color.
photo below was no challenge buts lots of yummy color
Shooting monochrome Black and white on a digital camera. most DSLR come with a built in monochrome or B&W setting. In bright sunlight the photo `will be beautiful but will lack creativity. I have been playing with manual and camera settings to create different and unique points of view and composition. Have a look at my composition called  "Twisted an Naughty"    posted on  500PX and initially received a 90.6 rating from site . It now resides at 80.9 still very good .
This shot called "pastime" was taken in the midday sun .